Joe Bravo’s art addresses the many different issues we face as human beings on this planet.

While we have a great capacity to love, inspire, create, empathize, achieve, express, and share our more positive traits as people with other people… we also have the potential to hate, destroy, overburden, ridicule, and hold back our fellow brother and sister.

This is the legacy of our individual as well as collective spirit as humans.

Bravo’s goal is to leave this world a better place then he found it. That is why he is committed to using his God-given artistic gifts to raise our understanding and consciousness of one another. To empower and inspire everyone to lift up their earth neighbor to that higher level that our creator always intended us to aspire to.

Joe feels that…

“One may or may not agree with what I have to say with my art but if I can evoke a visual response from the viewer that reveals and elicits a more personal way to overcome, express, or solve a situation, then my art has succeeded”